About us

We are upgrading the wonderful story of UNQ STUFF with the celebration of femininity and our inner beauty - we are upgrading it with the UNQ WOMAN line.

UNQ WOMAN is a line of clothing and accessories for all those women who are proud of themselves, who feel great in their own skin, who already shine in every step, but would also like to shine in comfortable and fashionable clothes and accessories.

You know - a dress does not make a woman, a woman makes a dress. And that's why we are here and that's where our excellent and experienced team is here - to make your dress and accessories according to your wishes.


We have committed to the creation of unique modern children’s clothes made from high quality, light, airy and natural materials. Skin-friendly materials breathe together with the baby’s skin and no not obstruct the child’s play.

At the beginning, we decided to do things differently from most children’s brands. We set ourselves to manufacture clothes ethically, locally and environmentally friendly. All our clothes are from the idea, to the selection of materials and finished products made in Slovenia.


The vision of our company is to become the leading small Slovenian manufacturing textile company for the manufacture of modern and quality clothes for babies, children and pregnant women, developed in Slovenia. With the recognition of the brand, which is confirmed by the local quality manufacture and creative design, we want to be significantly present also beyond the Slovenian borders.